Learn. Experiment. Grow.

LawTechLab.Africa is an initiative by the iNtaka Centre for Law & Technology at the University of Cape Town that aims to provide a space for exploration, experimentation and the development of legal tools at the intersection of  law and technology.

The iNtaka Centre is a learning, teaching and research hub dedicated to exploring the legal, technical, ethical and social implications of the accelerating interplay law, technology, innovation, data and society. The Centre seeks to shape the next generation of African lawyers and non-legal scholars and practitioners and prepare them to navigate the modern law and technology landscape.

LawTechLab activities

With our LawTechLab, we provide an opportunity to gain hands-on experience with technologies and tools that are poised to revolutionise the legal landscape, including practical exposure to Artificial Intelligence, open public blockchains, and smart-contracts. We strive to spark curiosity in the next generation of lawyers, and give them the tools they need to manifest this, by introducing students to new technologies and the challenges they pose with hands-on work. The lab is a space where you can learn about technology to future proof your legal career.

UCT’s LawTechLab offers:

  • A physical lab space to experiment with new technologies and learn about their effect on the law and legal practice. 
  • An opportunity to be a part of the development of new technological solutions to access-to-justice challenges with access to expert advice and a diverse user pool for rapid testing and feedback. 
  • Advice on the legal issues affecting African tech innovation.
  • Provides students with the skills that they need to understand their client’s business problems and holistically assess the legal issues involved to deliver legal outcomes that support the business’ objectives.
  • Startup competitions and other events!

If you are doing research, reach out to us and explore collaborative opportunities for interdisciplinary research on legal and regulatory issues in the digital space. We will offer training (including training for law and policy makers) and support in digital humanities research methods, data science research methodologies to facilitate research engagement with data.

Geographic focus

Our focus is on Africa. We aim to increasingly strengthen and enhance our African links and networks, and forge strong collaboration on our continent. The aim is to develop an authentic African voice and expertise in this space.